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How. We. Think. Makes. All. The Difference.

Elements of compassion - graphic illustration

It’s true. How we think makes all the difference.  Well, duh, you say. The way we think is a reflection of who we are. So true! And this reveals just how accessible is our ability for change! Change is simply a matter of altering how we think. If we’re dominated by negative thoughts, our view of the world is negative and hopeless. Dominated by critical judgement, our view of the world is inferior and unsatisfactory. Dominated by fear and anger, our view of the world is threatening and contentious. And if we are dominated by positive thoughts, regardless of our circumstances, our view of the world is full of hope and potential.  It really is that simple.

The way we think about things is a result of many factors such as cultural background, religious beliefs, experiences, expectations, fears and hopes, desires, political affiliations, and more. But while our thoughts are conditioned by the factors of our past, they are also adaptable and changeable.

If we find that we’re burdened by negative thoughts about the world, politics, society, or whatever – we have the potential to shift our perspective.  It takes practice and intention, but we can move our conditioned responses, our habits, into our conscious awareness where we can examine them and then choose to either accept them and the reality they create or, if needed, to shift our thoughts to better reflect our higher interests. With practice, that shift in thinking becomes our default.  

Thinking positively doesn’t mean thinking superficially or disregarding the challenges of the world. Rather, when we practice a positive attitude, we acknowledge the challenges we face and we choose to face them with engagement, hope, and resilience — serving as an example of what can be.  People learn by example. The most effective way we can share our hope for a better world with others is to be that example.

And when we develop our habits of thinking from a positive frame of reference, we find that our capacity for compassion expands. And even better, our positive energy is contagious spreading more positive energy, hopefulness, and compassion to others!  There really is nothing to lose when we choose to practice positive thinking. And it’s a great way to finish out a year and move into a new year!

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