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One Humane World

At a point in time where the harm we cause to the world around us threatens the very survival of that world, we choose to be defined by compassion, hope, and the joy of life. We believe the human capacity for goodness, compassion, generosity, and problem-solving not only holds solutions to the problems we face, but is the natural evolution of our humanity.

To live in a way that avoids causing harm to others may be the greatest challenge you will ever face, should you choose to do so.  And it just may be among the most worthwhile endeavors you could undertake.

Many of us think of compassion as those acts focused on providing aid to those who are already suffering. However, when we choose to attend honestly and gently to our own choices, responses, and actions, we can limit the harm and suffering that occurs as a result of human activity. This process begins with healing and nurturing ourselves, expanding our attention, and choosing to disengage from patterns and habits that result in harm to the people, animals, and nature around us.

And while our goal is simple – to do less harm by letting our compassion drive our choices and behaviors away from harmful practices – it is not easy. So much of the harm in the world is embedded in the unconscious conditioning of our habits and in practices that appeal to our pleasures, our weaknesses, and our naivete while serving to enrich entities, either corporate or individual, that do not operate with a reverence for life.

We aim to help build our collective awareness of the stories and practices that unite us through our compassion and help us see the way forward to a future that is defined by our compassion rather than by our harm. We hope you’ll join us!

One Humane World is the face of the People and Animals Well-fare Support Foundation (aka Virginia Humane Living Center), a 501 (c)(3) organization (EIN 27-2582905) established in 2010 and dedicated to promoting informed dialogue, community engagement, and lifestyle choices that respect people, animals, and the environment.

Questioner: How are we to treat others? Ramana Maharshi: There are no others.
There are no others…